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        Manual Linear Stages
        MM-1 Series, our smallest
        MM-2 Series, intermediate NEW, Manual stage
        MM-3 Series, still very small

        Manual Rotary Stage
        MM-1R Series, our smallest rotary

        Motorized Linear Stages
        MM-1M Series, NEW, our smallest Motorized stage
        MM-3M Series, small
        MM-4M Series, our largest

        Motorized Rotary Stages
        MM-3MR, our smallest motorized rotary
        MM-4MR, our largest

        Motorized Goniometer Stages
        MM-4M-G-87/120 (R), NEW,
        Motorized stage travels in an arc

        MM-1…Ultra Miniature (smallest) Manual Stages - linear
        MM-1X Manual translation stage, .125" travel. Single axis Sub miniature
        MM-1X-VAC Manual transl stage, .125" travel. Single axis Vacumm Compatible
        MM-1X-NP/VAC Manual transl stage, .125" travel. Single axis Vacumm Compatible, No Plating
        MM-1XY-VAC Manual transl stage, .125" travel. 2-axis Vacumm Compatible
        MM-1XY Manual translation stage, .125" travel 2-axis Sub miniature
        MM-1XYZ Manual translation stage, .125" travel 3-axis Sub miniature
        MM-1CR-X Manual Translation Stage, 0.125" Travel, Captured Rail
        MM-1CR-XY Manual Translation Stage, 0.125" Travel, 2-axis, Captured Rail
        MM-1CR-XYZ Manual Translation Stage, 0.125" Travel, 3-axis, Captured Rail
        MM-1-EX-X Manual translation stage, .225" travel Sub miniature, single axis
        MM-1-EX-XY Manual translation stage, .225" travel Sub miniature, two axis
        MM-1-EX-XYZ Manual translation stage, .225" travel Sub miniature, three axis
        MM-1-EX-XZ Manual translation stage, .225" travel Sub miniature, two axis
        MM-1-SPR090 Manual translation stage, w/stronger return spring Sub miniature
        MM-1R Man. Micro-Mini Rotary Stage w/.75" Table: Incl Course Adjust. Tool
        PA-1 Pinhole adapter for MM-1 stage
        TG-1 Knurled thumb grip for MM-1 stage
        SS-1 Headless adjusting lead screw
        AP4-1 Adapter mounting plate for optical bench
        KIT-XY-1 X,Y screw kit for MM-1
        KIT-Z-1 Z brace and screw kit for MM-1
        ATK Assembly & mounting tool kit
        JIG-XYZ-1 Alignment Construction Fixture for 2-3 Axis System
        MM-2X Semi-Miniature Manual Stageses
        MM-2CRB-X Manual translation stage, 5mm travel, Micrometer Head, X axis
        MM-2CRB-XY Manual translation stage, 5mm travel, Micrometer Head, XY axis
        MM-2CRB-XYZ Manual translation stage, 5mm travel, Micrometer Head, XYZ axis
        MM-2CR-X Manual translation stage, Captured Rail, 5mm travel, X axis
        MM-2CR-XY Manual translation stage, Captured Rail, 5mm travel, XY axis
        MM-2CR-XYZ Manual translation stage, Captured Rail, 5mm travel, XYZ axis
        MM-2CR-X-MIC Manual translation stage, Captured Rail 5mm travel, Micrometer Head, X axis
        MM-2CR-XY-MIC Manual translation stage, Captured Rail 5mm travel, Micrometer Head, XY axis
        MM-2CR-XYZ-MIC Manual translation stage, Captured Rail 5mm travel, Micrometer Head, XYZ axis
        MM-2CR-XZ-MIC Manual translation stage, Captured Rail 5mm travel, Micrometer Head, XZ axis
        MM-3…Miniature (larger) Manual Stages
        MM-3CRB-X Manual translation stage, Butterfly Slider, .5" travel, Single axis miniature
        MM-3CRB-XY Manual translation stage, Butterfly Slider, .5" travel, Two axis miniature
        MM-3CRB-XYZ Manual translation stage, Butterfly Slider, .5" travel, Three axis miniature
        MM-3X Manual translation stage, .5" travel, Single axis miniature
        MM-3XY Manual translation stage, .5" travel, 2-axis miniature
        MM-3XY-VAC Vacuum Compatible Manual Transl Stage, .5" Travel, 2-axis
        MM-3XYZ Manual translation stage, .5" travel, 3-axis miniature
        MM-3CR-X Manual translation stage, .5" travel., Captured Rail
        MM-3CR-XY Manual translation stage, .5" travel., 2-Axis XY, Captured Rail
        MM-3CR-XYZ Manual translation stage, .5" travel., 3-Axis, XYZ Captured Rail
        MM-3XZ-VAC Vacuum Compatible Manual Transl Stage, .5" Travel, 2-axis
        MM-3XZ-CR-SPEC Manual translation stage, .5" travel, 2-axis miniature(XZ)
        MM-3M-CR-NTAP Modified/Custom MM-3MX with No Thumbscrews OR Tapped Holes
        MM-3M-CR-NTS Modified/Custom MM-3MX with No Thumbscrews
        MM-3 MICROMETER Micrometer Head for MM-3 Manual Stage w/25mm Sensitivity
        PA-3 Pinhole adapter for MM-3 stage
        TG-3 Knurled thumb grip for MM-3 stage
        SS-3 Headless adjusting lead screw
        AP4-3 Adapter mounting plate for optical bench
        OA-3 Objective adapter for MM-3 stage
        KIT-XY-3 X,Y screw kit for MM-3
        KIT-Z-3 Z brace and screw kit for MM-3
        ATK Assembly & mounting tool kit
        JIG-XYZ-3 Alignment fixture for 2-3 axis systems
        MM-1M-F-5mm Motorized Stage
        MM-1M-F-5mm Motorized Stage 64:1 Gear, 5mm Travel
        MM-3M-ST… Motorized “MM3’s” (spring-preloaded slider)
        MM-3M-ST Motorized standard stage, 64:1 gear, .5" travel
        MM-3M-ST-XY Motorized standard stage, 64: gear .5” travel, 2 Axis
        MM-3M-EX…Motorized Extended-motor Stages (miniature/smallest)
        MM-3M-EX-.5 Motorized extended stage, 16:1 gear .5" travel
        MM-3M-EX-.5-GR64 Motorized extended stage, 64:1 gear .5" travel
        MM-3M-EX-.5-GR256 Motorized extended stage, 256:1 gear .5" travel
        MM-3M-EX-.5-GR1024 Motorized extended stage, 1024:1 gear .5" travel
        MM-3M-EX-1 Motorized extended stage, 16:1 gear 1" travel
        MM-3M-EX-1-GR64 Motorized extended stage, 64:1 gear 1" travel
        MM-3M-EX-1-GR256 Motorized extended stage, 256:1 gear 1" travel
        MM-3M-EX-1-GR1024 Motorized extended stage, 1024:1 gear 1" travel
        MM-3M-EX-1.5 Motorized extended stage, 16:1 gear 1.5" travel
        MM-3M-EX-1.5-GR64 Motorized extended stage, 64:1 gear 1.5" travel
        MM-3M-EX-1.5-GR256 Motorized extended stage, 256:1 gear 1.5" travel
        MM-3M-EX-1.5-GR1024 Motorized extended stage, 1024:1 gear 1.5" travel
        MM-3M-EX-2 Motorized extended stage, 16:1 gear 2" travel
        MM-3M-EX-2-GR64 Motorized extended stage, 64:1 gear 2" travel
        MM-3M-EX-2-GR256 Motorized extended stage, 256:1 gear 2" travel
        MM-3M-EX-2-GR1024 Motorized extended stage, 1024:1 gear 2" travel
        MM-3M-F… Folded-Motor Stages (miniature/smallest)
        MM-3M-F-.5 Motorized folded stage, 16:1 gear .5" travel
        MM-3M-F-.5-GR64 Motorized folded stage, 64:1 gear .5" travel
        MM-3M-F-.5-GR256 Motorized folded stage, 256:1 gear .5" travel
        MM-3M-F-.5-GR1024 Motorized folded stage, 1024:1 gear .5" travel
        MM-3M-F-1 Motorized folded stage, 16:1 gear 1" travel
        MM-3M-F-1-GR64 Motorized folded stage, 64:1 gear 1" travel
        MM-3M-F-1-GR256 Motorized folded stage, 256:1 gear 1" travel
        MM-3M-F-1-GR1024 Motorized folded stage, 1024:1 gear 1" travel
        MM-3M-F-1.5 Motorized folded stage, 16:1 gear 1.5" travel
        MM-3M-F-1.5-GR64 Motorized folded stage, 64:1 gear 1.5" travel
        MM-3M-F-1.5-GR256 Motorized folded stage, 256:1 gear 1.5" travel
        MM-3M-F-1.5-GR1024 Motorized folded stage, 1024:1 gear 1.5" travel
        MM-3M-F-2 Motorized folded stage, 16:1 gear 2" travel
        MM-3M-F-2-GR64 Motorized folded stage, 64:1 gear 2" travel
        MM-3M-F-2-GR256 Motorized folded stage, 256:1 gear 2" travel
        MM-3M-F-2-GR1024 Motorized folded stage, 1024:1 gear 2" travel
        MM-3M-F-2.5 Motorized folded stage, 16:1 gear, 2.5" travel
        MM-3M-F-2.5-GR64 Motorized folded stage, 64:1 gear, 2.5" travel
        MM-3M-F-2.5-GR256 Motorized folded stage, 256:1 gear, 2.5" travel
        MM-3M-F-2.5-1024 Motorized folded stage, 1024:1 gear, 2.5" travel
        MM-3M-FOS… Folded-Motor Stages w/FlexureCarriage & Outside Slider:
        MM-3M-FOS-2 Motorized, Folded, 2", w/Outside Slider, Flexure Carriage, 16:1gr
        MM-3M-FOS-2-GR64 Motorized, Folded, 2", w/Outside Slider, Flexure Carriage, 64:1gr
        MM-3M-FOS-2-GR256 Motorized, Folded, 2", w/Outside Slider, Flexure Carriage, 256:1gr
        MM-3M-FOS-2-GR1024 Motorized, Folded, 2", w/Outside Slider, Flexure Carriage, 1024:1gr
        MM-3M-FOS-2.5 Motorized, Folded, 2.5", w/Outside Slider, Flexure Carriage, 16:1gr
        MM-3M-FOS-2.5-GR64 Motorized, Folded, 2.5", w/Outside Slider, Flexure Carriage, 64:1gr
        MM-3M-FOS-2.5-GR256 Motorized, Folded, 2.5", w/Outside Slider, Flexure Carriage, 256:1gr
        MM-3M-FOS-2.5-GR1024 Motorized, Folded, 2.5", w/Outside Slider, Flexure Carriage, 1024:1gr
        MM-3G... Manual Gonimeters
        MM-3GF-25 Manual Fine adjustment Goniometer, 25mm Radius
        MM-3GF-42 Manual Fine adjustment Goniometer, 42mm Radius
        MM-3GC-25 Manual Coarse adjustment Goniometer, 25mm Radius
        MM-3GC-42 Manual Coarse adjustment Goniometer, 42mm Radius
        MM-3M-R… Motorized Rotary Stage:
        MM-3M-R Motorized miniature rotary stage, 64:1 gear
        MM-3M-R-GR256 Motorized miniature rotary stage, 256:1 gear
        MM-3M-R-GR1024 Motorized miniature rotary stage, 1024:1 gear
        MM-3M-R-GR16HT Motorized miniature rotary stage, 16:1 gear, High-Torque Motor
        MM-3M-RA Motorized miniature rotary stage, ultra low wobble, 64:1 gear
        MM-3M-RA-GR256 Motorized miniature rotary stage, ultra low wobble, 256:1 gear
        MM-3M-RA-GR1024 Motorized miniature rotary stage, ultra low wobble, 1024:1 gear
        MM-3M-RA-GR16HT Motorized miniature rotary stage, 16:1 gear, High-Torque Motor
        MM-3M-RA+ Motorized Miniature Rotary Stage, Ultra Low Wobble, 64:1 Gear, Plus 2 Arc-Sec Axial Angular Deviation
        MM-3M-RA+-GR256 Motorized Miniature Rotary Stage, Ultra Low Wobble, 256:1 Gear, Plus 2 Arc-Sec Axial Angular Deviation
        MM-3M-RA+1024 Motorized Miniature Rotary Stage, Ultra Low Wobble, 1024:1 Gear, Plus 2 Arc-Sec Axial Angular Deviation
        MM-3M-RA+-GR16HT Motor mini rotary stage, UltraLow Wobble16:1, High-Torque Motor
        MM-3M-R-STEPPER Motorized miniature rotary stage w/Stepper Motor 10mm 64:1 gear
        3M-R-FLT-MNT-PLT Optional custom flat mount adapter plate
        3M-R-RT-ANG-MNT-PLT Optional custom right angle mount adapter plate
        MM-3M Accessories…Interfaces and attachments for miniature motor stages
        BR-3M-CUST-BRKT Custom mounting bracket for MM-3M stages(priced per job)
        BR-3M-ST Single or final axis slider brace for ST stage
        BR-3M-X Single or final axis slider brace for all EX or F stages
        BR-3M-XY-.5 X-Y axis interface & slider brace for EX-.5 or F-.5 stages
        BR-3M-XZ-.5 X-Z axis interface & slider brace for F-.5 stages
        BR-3M-XY-1 X-Y axis interface & slider brace for EX-1 or F-1 stages
        BR-3M-XZ-1 X-Z axis interface & slider brace for F-1 stages
        BR-3M-XY-1.5 X-Y axis interface & slider brace for EX-1.5 or F-1.5 stages
        BR-3M-XZ-1.5 X-Z axis interface & slider brace for F-1.5 stages
        BR-3M-XY-2 X-Y axis interface & slider brace for EX-2 or F-2 stages
        BR-3M-XZ-2 X-Z axis interface & slider brace for F-2 stages
        BR-3M-XY-2.5 X-Y axis interface & slider brace for EX-2 or F-2.5" stages
        BR-3M-XZ-2.5 X-Z axis interface & slider brace for F-2.5" stages
        AP4-3M Base adapter plate for -EX & -F stages to optical bench
        AP4-3 Base adapter plate for -ST stage to optical bench
        AP4-3M-FOS-XY Base adapter plate for -FOS stage to optical bench
        AP4-3M-FOS-XZ Base adapter plate for -FOS stage to optical bench
        AP4-3M-FOS Base adapter plate for -FOS stage to optical bench
        PA-3 Pinhole adapter for MM-3M-ST stage
        OA-3 Objective adapter for MM-3M-ST stage
        KIT-XY-3 X,Y screw kit for MM-3M-ST
        ATK Assembly & mounting tool kit
        LS Replacement limit switch
        LS-W Replacement hard wired limit switch
        VAC-10mm Vacuum compatibility to 10-6 torr for 10mm motors
        VAC-13mm Vacuum compatibility to 10-6 torr for 13mm motors
        AB-OPTION Optional Anti-Backlash Option (2-4 microns)
        TEFLON Teflon cable upgrade to motorized stage
        GR-16K 16:1 Gearhead w/Bearing for 10mm Motor
        GR-64K 64:1 Gearhead w/Bearing for 10mm Motor
        GR-256K 256:1 Gearhead w/Bearing for 10mm Motor
        GR-1024K 1024:1 Gearhead w/Bearing for 10mm Motor
        MTR-10mm 10mm Motor, (no encoder)
        MTR-10-E 10mm Motor, w/10-Position Encoder
        MTR-13-E 13mm Motro w/16-Position Encoder, 14:1 Gearhead
        MTR-13-E-GR66 13mm Motor, w/16-Position Encoder,66:1 Gearhead
        MTR-13-E-GR256 13mm Motor, w/16-Position Encoder, 256:1 Gearhead
        MTR-10MM-STEPPER 10mm Stepper Motor, No Encoder
        MTR-HT-UPGRD-GR16 10mm High-torque, 12-Position Encoder, 16:1 Gear
        MTR-HT-UPGRD-GR64 10mm High-torque, 12-Position Encoder, 64:1 Gear
        MTR-HT16-UPGRD-GR64 10mm High-torque, 16-Position Encoder, 16:1 Gear
        MTR-HT256-UPGRD-GR64 10mm High-torque, 256-Position Encoder, 16:1 Gear
        MM-4M-EX… Extended-Motor Stages (miniature/next larger) – takes 13 mm motor
        MM-4M-EX-50mm-GR3.71 Motorized extended stage, 3.71:1 gear, 48mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-50mm-GR14 Motorized extended stage, 14:1 gear, 48mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-50mm-GR43 Motorized extended stage, 43:1 gear, 48mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-50mm-GR66 Motorized extended stage, 66:1 gear, 48mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-80mm-GR14 Motorized extended stage, 14:1 gear, 78mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-80mm-GR43 Motorized extended stage, 43:1 gear, 78mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-80mm-GR66 Motorized extended stage, 66:1 gear, 78mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-110mm-GR14 Motorized extended stage, 14:1 gear, 108mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-110mm-GR43 Motorized extended stage, 43:1 gear, 108mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-110mm-GR66 Motorized extended stage, 66:1 gear, 108mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-140mm-GR14 Motorized extended stage, 14:1 gear, 138mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-140mm-GR43 Motorized extended stage, 43:1 gear, 138mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-140mm-GR66 Motorized extended stage, 66:1 gear, 138mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-140mm-OPPOSE MM-4M-EX-140 w/Dual Carriage and Opposing Lead Screw
        MM-4M-EX-170mm-GR14 Motorized extended stage, 14:1 gear, 168mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-170mm-GR43 Motorized extended stage, 43:1 gear, 168mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-170mm-GR66 Motorized extended stage, 66:1 gear, 168mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-200mm-GR14 Motorized extended stage, 14:1 gear, 198mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-200mm-GR43 Motorized extended stage, 43:1 gear, 198mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-200mm-GR66 Motorized extended stage, 66:1 gear, 198mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-230mm-GR14 Motorized extended stage, 14:1 gear, 228mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-230mm-GR43 Motorized extended stage, 43:1 gear, 228mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-230mm-GR66 Motorized extended stage, 66:1 gear, 228mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-260mm-GR14 Motorized extended stage, 14:1 gear, 258mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-260mm-GR43 Motorized extended stage, 43:1 gear, 258mm travel
        MM-4M-EX-260mm-GR66 Motorized extended stage, 66:1 gear, 168mm travel
        MM-4M-F's…Folded-Motor Stages (miniature/next larger)
        MM-4M-F-25mm-GR64* Motorized folded stage, 64:1 gear, 25mm travel *Default
        MM-4M-F-25mm-GR256 Motorized folded stage, 256:1 gear, 25mm travel
        MM-4M-F-25mm-GR1024 Motorized folded stage, 1024:1 gear, 25mm travel
        MM-4M-F-50mm-GR64* Motorized folded stage, 64:1 gear, 50mm travel *Default
        MM-4M-F-50mm-GR256 Motorized folded stage, 256:1 gear, 50mm travel
        MM-4M-F-50mm-GR1024 Motorized folded stage, 1024:1 gear, 50mm travel
        MM-4M-R… Motorized Rotary Stages (miniature/next larger) – takes 13 mm motor
        MM-4M-R Motorized rotary stage, w/2 inch dia. table, 14:1 gear
        MM-4M-R-GR66 Motorized rotary stage, w/2 inch dia. table, 66:1 gear
        MM-4M-R-STEPPER Motorized rotary stage w/Stepper Motor, 2-inch dia. table, 14:1 gear, 16mm
        MM-4M-FLT-MNT-PLT Optional custom flat mount adapter plate
        MM-4M-RT-ANG-MNT-PLT Optional custom right angle mount adapter plate
        MM-4M Accessories… Interfaces and attachments for miniature motor stages
        BR-4M-XY-25mm X-Y axis interface for MM-4M-F-25mm stage
        BR-4M-XY-50mm X-Y axis interface for MM-4M-F-50mm stage
        BR-4M-XZ-25mm X-Z axis interface for MM-4M-F-25mm stage
        BR-4M-XZ-50mm X-Z axis interface for MM-4M-F-50mm stage
        BR-4M-CUST-BRKT Custom mounting bracket for MM-4M stages(priced per job)
        AP4-4M Base adapter plate for -EX & -F (to 50mm) stages to optical bench
        AP4-4M-EX-170 Adapter Plate for -EX-50mm to 170mm Stages to Optical Bench
        AP4-4M-EX-260 Adapter Plate for -EX-50mm to 260mm Stages to Optical Bench
        AP4-4M-140-ORTHO 10" x 10" Orthogonal/Gantry Adapter Plate for -EX-50mm to 140mm Stages to Optical Bench
        AP4-4M-140-260-ORTHO 14" x 14" Orthogonal/Gantry Adapter Plate for -EX-50mm to 260mm Stages to Optical Bench
        VAC-10mm Vacuum compatibility to 10-6 torr for 10mm motors
        VAC-13mm Vacuum compatibility to 10-6 torr for 13mm motors
        MM-4M-EX-SUP-MNT-80 Optional support slide mount for MM-4M-EX-80
        MM-4M-EX-SUP-MNT-110 Optional support slide mount for MM-4M-EX-110
        MM-4M-EX-SUP-MNT-140 Optional support slide mount for MM-4M-EX-140
        MM-4M-EX-SUP-MNT-170 Optional support slide m+B26ount for MM-4M-EX-170
        MM-4M-DUAL-CARRIAGE MM-4M-EX dual carriage option
        MISC. ITEM Misc. Item (Price per item requirements)
        Motorized Goniometers
        MM-4M-G-87 87mm Radius Motorized Goniometer
        MM-4M-G-87-R 87mm Radius Motorized Goniometer with Renishaw Encoder
        MM-4M-G-120 120mm Radius Motorized Goniometer
        MM-4M-G-120-R 120mm Radius Motorized Goniometer with Renishaw Encoder
        MM-4M-G-MTRKIT Motor Kit for the 87mm and 120mm goniometers
        HD-6M-MM… Motorized Linear Stages (largest Linear Stage)
        HD-6M-50MM Heavy Duty Motorized Linear Stage 50mm Travel, 125mm/s
        HD-6M-100MM Heavy Duty Motorized Linear Stage 100mm Travel, 125mm/s
        HD-6M-150MM Heavy Duty Motorized Linear Stage 150mm Travel, 125mm/s
        HD-6M-200MM Heavy Duty Motorized Linear Stage 200mm Travel, 125mm/s
        HD-6M-250MM Heavy Duty Motorized Linear Stage 250mm Travel, 125mm/s
        HD-6M-300MM Heavy Duty Motorized Linear Stage 300mm Travel, 125mm/s
        MM-6M Accessories… Interfaces and attachments for miniature motor stages
        BR-6M-Z-50MM Z-Axis Slider Brace for HD-6M-50MM
        BR-6M-Z-100MM Z-Axis Slider Brace for HD-6M-100MM
        BR-6M-Z-150MM Z-Axis Slider Brace for HD-6M-150MM
        BR-6M-Z-200MM Z-Axis Slider Brace for HD-6M-200MM
        BR-6M-Z-250MM Z-Axis Slider Brace for HD-6M-250MM
        BR-6M-Z-300MM Z-Axis Slider Brace for HD-6M-300MM
        AP6-6M Metric Top Plate for HD-6M-xx Stage
        AP6-6S Standard Top Plate for HD-6M-mm Stage
        AP6-6B Blank Top plate for HD-6M-xx Stage
        HD-LINEAR-ENCODER 0.1micron Linear Encoder
        CA-HD-CBL-MVP HD-6M-xxMM to MVP Controller Interface Cable
        CA-HD-CBL-NI HD-6M-xxMM-to NI Amplifier Interface Cable
        Motors /Gearheads…
        MTR-10 10mm motor, no encoder
        MTR-10-E 10mm motor, w/ 10 position encoder
        MTR-HT-UPGRD-GR16 10mm High-Torque DC Servo Motor, 12-Pos Encoder, 16:1GH, Field Units Only
        MTR-HT-UPGRD-GR64 10mm High-Torque DC Servo Motor, 12-Pos Encoder, 64:1GH, Field Units Only
        MTR-13-E 13mm motor, w/14:1 gearhead, w/ 16 position encoder
        MTR-13-E-GR66 13mm Motor w/16-Position Encoder and 66:1 Gear
        MTR-13-E-GR246 13mm Motor w/16-Position Encoder and 246:1 Gear
        GR4K 4:1 gearhead w/bearing for 10mm motor
        GR16K 16:1 gearhead w/bearing for 10mm motor
        GR64K 64:1 gearhead w/bearing for 10mm motor
        GR256K 256:1 gearhead w/bearing for 10mm motor
        GR1024K 1024:1 gearhead w/bearing for 10mm motor
        Stand-Alone Controllers… With display and user interface. –serial controllable
        DIFF-SE-INTFC Differential to Single-Ended Conversion Package (Add DIFF Cable)
        110-0019 Linear Driver: Single Ended-to-Differential Converter
        110-0020 Linear Driver: Single Ended-to-Differential Converter
        MC-5B Manual Single/Multi-Axis Servo Controller w/Display
        MC-4B-3000 OEM MC-4B-3000 w/Main Bd, & Heatsink Only, No Kybd, Case, Display.
        MC-4B-Servo 1000 Manual, single axis servo controller with display
        MC-4B-Servo 2000 Manual, single axis servo controller with display
        MC-4B-Servo 3000 Manual, single axis servo controller with display
        Field upgrade 1-2 Key code to upgrade Servo 1000 to Servo 2000
        Field upgrade 2-3 Key code to upgrade Servo 2000 to Servo 3000
        Field upgrade 1-3 Key code to upgrade Servo 1000 to Servo 3000
        MC-4B-DOC Additional printed manual for MC-4B
        MC-5B-DOC Additional printed manual for MC-5B
        MC-5B/4B-Encoder-Wheel 1-Axis Precision Rotary Encoder Wheel for MC-5B/4B Controller
        MC-5B/4B-JOYSTICK 2-Axis, 2-Speed, Precision Joystick Manual Ctrl for MC-5B/4B Ctrlr
        CA-MC-4B-NTWK Motion-NET Network Node Interface Cable for MC-5B/4B Integration
        MC-4B-CTRL-MASTER Multi-Axis MC-4B Automated Position Control System for 2-99 MC-4B
        MC-5B/4B-TRANSFORMER MC-5B/4B Optional Transformer (xxV/xxHZ)
        MicroMini Controllers… No display or user interface – advanced command set – stand alone ability
        IMS-MOTION-CTRL-SFTWR Intelligent Motion Systems 4-Axis Motion Control Console.
        IMS-JOYSTICK-4-CABLED 4-Axis Logitech Cabled RumblePad-2 Joystick Programmed For Intelligent Motion Systems Motion Control Software.
        IMS-JOYSTICK-4-WIRELESS 4-Axis Logitech Wireless RumblePad-2 2.4Ghz Joystick Programmed For Intelligent Motion Systems Motion Control Software.
        MC-CQ-A 1-Axis, RS232, DC-Servo PWM Controller/Amplifier, CE-Marked, RoHS-Compliant
        MC-CQ-B 1-Axis, RS232, DC-Servo PWM Controller/Amplifier, CE-Marked, RoHS-Compliant
        MC-CQ-4X-4 4-Axis, RS232, DC-Servo PWM Controller/Amplifier, CE-Marked, RoHS-Compliant
        MC-CQ-4X-RACKMNT Rack Mount for 4 Axis MC-CQ
        MC-CQ-SER-TO-USB-1 1-Port RS232 DB-9 to USB Serial Converter Interface
        MC-CQ-SER-TO-USB-2 2-Port RS232 DB-9 to USB Serial Converter Interface
        MC-CQ-SER-TO-USB-4 4-Port RS232 DB-9 to USB Serial Converter Interface
        MC-CQ-SER-TO-USB-8 8-Port RS232 DB-9 to USB Serial Converter Interface
        MC-CQ-USB-RACKMNT Rack Mount for SER-TO-USB 4 Axis and 8 Axis
        MVP-1-1A Single axis, RS-232 integrated servo system
        MVP-1-2A 2 axis, RS-485 integrated servo system
        MVP-1-3A 3 axis, RS-485 integrated servo system
        MVP-1-4A 4 axis, RS-485 integrated servo system
        MVP-1-AA Additional axis, RS-485 integrated servo system
        MVP-RS-485 RS-485 converter module (required for multi axis opertion)
        MVP-PWM-1A PWM-A 1-Axis, RS-232, Integrated DC-Servo Controller/Amplifier
        MVP-PWM-2A PWM-A 2-Axis, RS-485, Integrated DC-Servo Controller/Amplifier
        MVP-PWM-3A PWM-A 3-Axis, RS-485, Integrated DC-Servo Controller/Amplifier
        MVP-PWM-4A PWM-A 4-Axis, RS-485, Integrated DC-Servo Controller/Amplifier
        MVP-PWM-AA Addtl 1-Axis RS-485 Integrated Servo Cntrlr, Daisy Cbl, 24v, 4A, 90w
        MVP-PWM-1A-ES 1-Axis RS-485 Integrated Servo Cntrlr, Daisy Cbl, 24v, 4A, 90w
        MVP-PS-24 24V Power Supply for the MVP Controllers
        RS-485-2 RS-485 2-Axis Communications Daisy Cable
        RS-485-4 RS-485 4-Axis Communications Daisy Cable
        RS-485-6 RS-485 6-Axis Communications Daisy Cable
        RS-485-8 RS-485 8-Axis Communications Daisy Cable
        DIFF-SE-INTFC Differential to Single-Ended Conversion Package (Add DIFF Cable)
        110-0019 Linear Driver: Single Ended-to-Differential Converter
        110-0020 Linear Driver: Single Ended-to-Differential Converter
        CA-MVP-1 12" Single axis stage interface cable
        CA-MVP-2 24" Single axis stage interface cable
        CA-MVP-18 18" Single Axis Stage Interface Cable
        CA-MVP-3 36" Single axis stage interface cable
        PS-24VDC 24 volt power supply for MVP
        DB9-J1 RS-232, 9 pin, male, IDC connector
        MVP-DOC Additional printed manual for MVP
        NI Controllers… (National Instruments, LabView compatible, coordinated motion controllers)
        PCI-7342 2-Axis Motion Controll 32-Bit PCI (See cables below)
        PCI-7344 4 axis, 32-bit PCI flex motion with I/O (see cables below)
        PXI-7344 4 axis, 32-bit PXI flex motion with I/O (see cables below)
        FW-7344(also for MAC) 4 axis, 32-bit FireWire flex motion with I/O (see cables below)
        778553-01 NI Motion Assistant Software
        PXI-7350 8-Axis, Servo/Stepper Amplifier
        185630-01 NI Cable Adapter, 68 to 50 pin (for use with 7344 controllers)
        186381-02 NI SH68 – C68-S cable, 2 m (for use with 7344 controllers)
        CA-50-50-3 3-Foot, 50-Pin Interface Cable to PCI-SERVO-4A Controller
        NAI Amplifiers… (compatible with National Instruments controllers)
        MC-3-BRA Single (additional axis module for Servo Amplifier )
        MC-4SA 4-Axis Multi-functio servo amplifier
        MC-4SA-RACKMNT-OPT 19" Rack Mount Option for MC-4SA Amplifier
        DIFF-SE-INTFC Differential to Single-Ended Conversion Package (Add DIFF Cable)
        Cabling …
        CA10-10-2 2 ft. motor cable extension
        CA10-10-3 3 ft. motor cable extension
        CA10-10-4 4 ft. motor cable extension
        CA10-10-6 6 ft. motor cable extension
        CA10-10-7 7 ft. motor cable extension
        CA10-10-9 9 ft. motor cable extension
        CA10-10-15 15 ft. motor cable extension
        CA-10-10-1-VAC 1-Foot, 10-Conductor Teflon Ribbon Cable: Vacuum Compatible
        CA-10-10-2-VAC 2-Foot, 10-Conductor Teflon Ribbon Cable: Vacuum Compatible
        CA-10-10-3-VAC 3-Foot, 10-Conductor Teflon Ribbon Cable: Vacuum Compatible
        CA-10-10-5-VAC 5-Foot, 10-Conductor Teflon Ribbon Cable: Vacuum Compatible
        CA-10-10-7-VAC 7-Foot, 10-Conductor Teflon Ribbon Cable: Vacuum Compatible
        CA10-MINIDIN-3 3-Foot, Round Extension Cable with M/F Minidin Connector
        CA10-MINIDIN-6 6-Foot, Round Extension Cable with M/F Minidin Connector
        CA10-MINIDIN-9 9-Foot, Round Extension Cable with M/F Minidin Connector
        DIFF-CBL-20C-20 20Ft. Differential Cable, 20 Conductor, w/DB-Male to DB-Female
        DIFF-CBL-20C-30 30Ft. Differential Cable, 20 Conductor, w/DB-Male to DB-Female
        DIFF-CBL-20C-50 50Ft. Differential Cable, 20 Conductor, w/DB-Male to DB-Female
        DIFF-CBL-20C-75 75Ft. Differential Cable, 20 Conductor, w/DB-Male to DB-Female
        DIFF-CBL-20C-100 100Ft. Differential Cable, 20 Conductor, w/DB-Male to DB-Female



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